Monday, January 26, 2009

Ski lessons

It's been more than 25 years since strapping on my first pair of skis, but nevertheless Kevin and I signed up for cross country ski lessons last weekend. It was a large group and the first thing we did was audition out on the grid to see in which group we'd be placed. They placed me in the "novice" novice category, while Kev, was a "better than novice" novice. At first I was somewhat chagrined, but it soon became apparent that we were both in the right place. The first night we skied entirely without poles. It's something I never considered, but was very illuminating. Everyone should try it at least once, if not more. Without getting into all the course details, after three days of sloughing away in the bitter cold (and it was bitterly freaking cold), I am a better skiier. To my amazement, there's a lot of technique involved and a lot of drills to help improve balance and form. I can't wait to get out and actually ski, but am also looking forward to practicing the drills and see more improvement. Yay!

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John Bagnell said...

Skiing without poles eh? I'm so advanced that I ski without skis, and I do it from my couch.