Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wasting time

For those of you who don't know, OC Transpo has been on strike for the last 50 days. I don't have a car and since then I've mostly been hoofing it. For a lot of reasons not under my control, last week was crazy busy. There was sailing stuff, girls night out at the OLT and ski lessons. Combine that with a lot of walking, cold weather and low iron and you have a recipe for fatigue. Earlier this week I decided to chillax on the weeknight extra curricular activities - at least until this stupid strike is over. It's just too much. Since then I've been extra diligant about eating well, taking vitamins and getting a good nights sleep. Having a lift home a few nights this week was also pretty sweet. Anyway, it's all helping. I'm still tired and probably heading to bed much earlier than I normally would, but I don't have that crazy wiped-out feeling I did last week. All that to say, I haven't done much about my little projects, but have decided, for the next little while, that I'll be the project - taking it easy and wasting some time. Why not?

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