Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A very good start

Well, I'm happy to report that much progress has been made. I took a personal day yesterday and had today off. Originally I was going to try and get some stuff done those days, but then the very best boyfriend in the world (yes that's Kevin) offered to take Monday and Tuesday off to help me. I didn't say no.

The past couple of days I've been washing walls, removing wallpaper and taping. Meanwhile, Kevin has been painting. We started on Saturday afternoon. While I prepped the hallway, Kev primed the bedroom. Afterwards, upon his suggestion, we decided not to prime the rest of the house. That night, since the bedroom was all stinky, we slept in my brand new sofa bed. Definitely. Not. Comfortable.

On Sunday, he got the bedroom done (2 coats) while I prepped the living room. Unfortunately that involved removing wallpaper. It was a pain in the ass. I have vowed never to use wallpaper and not to move into a house that is full of wallpaper. That's a vow that everyone should take! Anyway, when Kevin finished the last coat early in the evening, we cleaned up and got the heck outta dodge. We met John at the pump and had an early night of it.

Monday morning, I had a Tui-na massage at the York Street Spa. It was so relaxing Afterwards, I was told to drink lots of water and rest up. Fat chance. We headed back to the 'burbs for more painting. While Kev got 2 coats in the hallway ('till 10:00 that night), I got the rest of the gunk off the formerly wall-papered wall and taped the living/dining room area.

Today before breakfast, Kev did the second coat of paint in the formerly wall papered wall and then we headed off to the Remembrance Day ceremonies. If we hadn't of gone, most of the work would be done, but I like to go. It's important to me. Afterwards I decided to take a day off and we just did a bunch of chillaxin'.

Thurdsay he's coming over to get more done. What a guy!

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